Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Film Review: Song of the Sea *Spoiler Free*


Rating: 5/5

Categorization: Children's Animated Movie, Folklore

Length: 1 hour 33 minutes

Plans to Continue: I would like to watch the Secret of Kells

What this film has to offer you:

A Lighthouse Keeper (Widower)
A Missing Mother
A Young & Confused Boy
A Little Girl With No Voice
THE MAGIC CONCH, lol not really -- but basically
Big Fluffy Sheepdog
Crazy Grandma
The Rocky Irish Coast
Lovely Forests & Country
A Pack of Friendly Seals

I loved everything about this movie! SO. VERY. MUCH. The story is wonderful. The animation is fantastic. They used many interesting colors, patterns, and textures to add to the whimsy. The music was excellent. Even just the sound-scapes and twinkling effects were perfect. The story utlizes Irish folktales of the selkie, fairy folk, and many others. Even The Great Seanachai, the storyteller, makes an appearance.

This movie uses animation in interesting ways, especially with regaurds to travel and the passage of time. The landscapes are beautiful. I would love to get prints of them and hang all of them on all of my walls. The flatish, heavy lined, style reminds me of Madeline and Persepolis, but the colors make me think Miyazaki. A beautiful watercolor picture book come to life.

The overall message of this film is on the heavier side for children and adults alike. On the surface its about a family having to come back together after suffering loss & grief. But you could easily take it a step further to include a commentary about the need for us as human beings to 'feel all the feels'. I am sure you book nerds are no stranger to this concept. Even when it hurts, even when you want to cry an entire ocean, it is important to not hide your feelings away. To suffer emotionally is one of the things it means to be human. The more we close ourselves off to how we are feeling, the less human, and more stone-like, we become. It can be a slippery slope, happening by your own hand without even realizing it. In the end, it often takes someone caring to help reawaken you.

I was emotionally invested in the characters right from the very start. I did want to punch the little boy, Ben, a couple of times in the beginning. But i also understood his troubles, and wanted his character to grow.

The little girl is named Saoirse (roughly pronounced Sear-sha, with the right brogue of course) which is one of my all time favorite names in the big 'ol book of names. So i knew i would like her, even if she could not talk.

I thought Cu the Sheepdog was a wonderful alternative to a friend for Ben. I also loved the twinkling, fairy-magic orbs throughout the film.

Watch the trailer here:

Let me know what your thoughts on this film were. If you have not yet seen it, i would highly highly recommend it. It would be idea for a sleepy, rainy, day. What movies would you compare this to? In my mind its in a class quite all its own.

Thanks for reading!
A very happy Manda