Monday, July 20, 2015

Spotlight Book: The Illustrated Hobbit by JRR Tolkien & Jemima Catlin

I'm going to start off here with a little disclaimer of my intentions.  I wanted to create this post because when i find a book with images in it i always want to take a look inside before i decide whether or not to purchase.  Now i got lucky with this particular book.  The Barns and Noble near me happened to have a copy on the shelf & it was not shrink wrapped, so i was able to thumb through all the pages to my hearts content.  I decide that i loved it, and then went home to order it online for a cheaper price than they were selling it in the store, because everyone knows that books, such as this one, with images in it are quite expensive.  

It is my hope that this post, showcasing the quality of this book, the size of the print, & some images from inside the book, will give other would-be-buyers a sense of what you get for your money from this book purchase.  And urge them to pick it up too.

Oh!  It is Beautiful! 


This edition of the Hobbit is beautiful, inside and out. It would make the perfect gift for any Tolkienite. The vintage style fabric cover has gilded typography and detailing. The illustrations are prominent throughout the book. Some are in the text while others take up a full page. The paper is very nice quality and the print is a very good, very readable size. I love displaying this book on my shelf, but i also cannot wait to sit down and reread the story with illustrations.

 The pages are just the right amount of glossyness to be both pretty and not distracting to the eye while trying to read.  The chapter headers are very cute.

The rest of the images throughout this edition can be found either in the middle of the page,

or across the top.

 There are also images in many of the corners.

Most of the images depict key plot points from the story or introduce a new character, but others just depict scenes of nature.

The small images look really beautiful set into the text.

As well as the verse.

And then, of course, there are great full page images as well.

Believe me!  This is not even a quarter of the images inside this edition of the Hobbit.  But you'll have to get your hands on a copy to see more! 

Thanks for reading!