Thursday, August 13, 2015

Master Post: Why You Should Watch Legend of the Legendary Heroes (anime)

15 Good Reasons Why You Should Watch

5 Negative Things To Keep In Mind

15 Good Reasons

1. Highly Memorable Characters

Each of the characters have distinct personalities & nearly all of them made me laugh.  They also feel quite different from your typical anime characters.  

I know that this anime was not well received in Japan, and while watching it I got the feeling that it was really quite American.  Especially in the use of sarcasm.  Maybe more Americans would enjoy it?  BRING IT OVER HERE!

For example, the points in the story where Ryner and Ferris give absolutely no fucks are fantastic.
2. The Large Cast of Characters

If you're going to do an epic fantasy war story you absolutely need a large cast of characters.

3. Beautiful animation and landscape

It's like water colors

& the city seems to be under an eternal sunset.

4. Ryner Lute - Our main protagonist.  He is equal parts antihero, tragic hero, literary genius & lazy bastard.

He has super powerful magic.

In the form of evil magic eyes.

What he said.

Which he might lose control over and cause widespread doom & destruction.

Thus his favorite pastime is napping (keeping his eyes closed).  He knows he is dangerous and he does not want to get involved with other people, or the war, but he cares deeply for his friends. 

5. Ferris Eris - Main female protagonist and counterpart to Ryner.
She is an expert swordsman assigned to protect Ryner at the request of the King Sion Astal. Traditionally, she would protect Sion.
Her hobbies include kicking ass and eating dango. 
I love the idea of a female protagonist who can take care of herself & cares about food above all else. This is a modern female icon right here. 

6. OTP Ryner X Ferris!  OTP Ryner X Ferris!  OTP Ryner X Ferris!
These two are absolutely fantastic together.

They have some of the very best comic banter i have ever seen in an anime.  I found it to be super adorable and entertaining.  Le swoon.

They also actually work well together.  And they have each others backs. 

Ryner and Ferris are loyal to each other without any random drama for drama sake, which makes their partnership one which you will really enjoy watching.

7. The Message!

As stated earlier, Ryner is a literary genius.  He produces a thesis on why the world would be a better place if it were "A Kingdom of Naps".  This text is referenced throughout the anime, and each time it is, it sounds like a better and better idea. 
8. Miran Froaude - "cool theme music plays"

 He may wear a stupid costume.  He might be morally ambiguous.  He seems to have some sort of evil magic.  Yet, he's loyal to the king?  Its a mystery--but a great one.

9. King Sion Astal - 0 to 100 real quick

He's a pretty great king, but he is so focused on the bigger picture for the kingdom that he becomes quite literally torn in two.

 He wants to make the world a better place.  And he knows who he will need on his side to accomplish his goals.

 He is not shy about ordering Ryner to complete his tasks, even though he knows how lazy Ryner is.

He also knows how to force Ferris to comply.

10. The backdrop of warring enemy nations.

Sion has an army and this world is on the brink of war.  This backdrop adds a lot of tension to the plot of the story and gives you the sense that time is running out.

The soldiers can fight with weapons and magical formations, which makes the battles pretty cool.

This guy is an enemy, yet is he actually evil?  It seems not.  Does he just want the same thing Sion wants? 

 11. The Other Magic Eyes - Are they evil monsters?  Misunderstood?  The result of circumstance?

It begs the question of what one must do with the nature they were born with.  This story arc makes you ask yourself tough questions and gives you the feels.  

12.   Ferris accusing Ryner of being a pervert.

Even-though Ryner has literally done nothing to earn the title.

She is sure to reprimand him for it too.

The girl power, anti-pervert jokes are so funny!....and soooo very much appreciated!  Okay--truthfully, they're unnecessary and distracting from the story, BUT! after all of the "innocent pervert jokes" and blatant fan service i have to sit through in all the other anime i watch, and in all the other manga i read, I found this to be both refreshing and satisfying to my sanity.  Especially since the anti-pervert message is coming from a female character which should be taken very seriously, even when she may or may not be joking.

Ferris also makes sure to let the people around them know just how dangerously lecherous he can be.

Ryner just has to deal with it...

13. General Claugh

Red haired, cool magic arm'ed, tough soldier.

  Animated man-candy

With a soft and slightly awkward side. Le swoon.

14.  The Comic Relief.

The Taboo Breaker Squad led by Ryner's childhood friend (whom he seems to not remember)

Ferris' little sister who is on her way to becoming just like her older sister.

Sion ruining the lives of Ryner x Ferris. 

And Ryner x Ferris trying to get back at him.

15. The Ryner X Scion Relationship 

Sion knows what Ryner is, but he does not fear him.

 He keeps Ryner close where as all others would seek to have him slaughtered.

Ryner displays non-servitude behavior around his king most of the time.

These two really care about the well being of each other.  Only as King, Sion is in a terrible position for friend making.

 Yep.  Terrible.

Uh, so yeah--it's complicated.  And then it gets worse.


5 Bad Things to Keep in Mind While Watching

1. This story feels incomplete.  

The story as a whole feels like it is a prequel to a much larger story.  Unfortunately, the anime ended and the larger story never comes. There's some back story that is unearthed near the end that really needed to be flushed out further.  And as a whole, the second half oft the anime feels rushed.

Yes, there is stuff which can be read via the internet, but I really like this story specifically as an anime.

Whyyyyyy...Why would you do this to me??? 

2. The anime starts off en media res.  This is not exactly bad, however, it might be off putting to some new viewers who were expecting a linear story.

So you quickly go back in time

 & see a whole bunch of interesting backstory.

Then it catches back up with the present. A LOT happens in this first episode.   

3. Unfinished story lines include, but are not limited to:

Would like to know what happened here.

Is this still a thing going forward? Or was this just a one time deal?

That sounds epic!

Too bad this story line was completely rushed.

Where did he go?

What other purpose were you going to serve?  I swear you were going to play an important future part!

And then of course, the worst offender of unfinished story lines goes to...

 (OTP Ryner x Ferris)

4. Hero Relics -- They're a big deal.

A quest to find them occurs. Other hero relic hunters are introduced, and then that's all you get.

5. The large cast of characters.  Both blessing and curse.

As a result of the anime being incomplete and rushed towards the end, many of the character's story arcs are left incomplete.