Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spotlight Book: The Hermetic Museum Alchemy & Mysticism by Alexander Roob

Hello all!

Today I would like to highlight the beauty of another book i own.  This visual guide to Alchemical and Mystical symbolism and imagery is a great reference for both beginners to the subject and more studied authorities.  It's even a great purchase for anyone else that may be mildly interested in the subject because.... the book is absolutely beautiful!

I happen to be the proud owner of a growing library of books on a wide array of alternative subjects.  While these books are often very informative, inspiring, and entertaining, they are rarely so beautiful as this book.  The fact that books on offbeat subjects do not have mass appeal hinders their ability to be very beautiful.  Writers, researchers, and publishers in this arena rarely have the kinds of funds to make a book like this one.  So it is definitely a rare find.  I believe this book was made as an aesthetic or an art reference, an area which often makes very expensive and impressive collections of books.  I love having this in my collection, and i almost missed my opportunity.  It had been on a Goodreads shelf of mine for many years.  I had not even noticed that Barns and Noble (my go-to) had stopped selling it.  Then when i was shopping The Strand bookshop in NYC, they had it on display and i immediately added it to my already overflowing basket.

This collection breaks up the images into overarching sections and then includes a couple of pages for each topic in alphabetical order.  Sort of like an image dictionary.  The source of the images is listed on the page as well as other useful reference information.  Now!  On to the pictures...

As you can tell from the images above, this book is of a very high quality.  The color images show both the saturated hues and textures of the original works.

Thanks for reading!
An inspired Manda