Monday, September 21, 2015

Quick Review: Girls & Panzer: Little Army Vol. 1 by Girls und Panzer Projekt & Tsuchii *Spoiler Free*

Rating: 1/5

Category: Manga, Middle Grade, Friendship

Length: 180 Pages

Plans to Continue: No

I believe this manga is a spin-off backstory to the Girls and Panzer manga series.  Unfortunately, I have not read the Girls and Panzer manga series.  I do not believe that you need to read one series to understand the other, however, this manga probably would have been more enjoyable to me if i had read the original series first.

The story is about four young girls who are in elementary school and all share an interest in tanks.  In this world, it is the mark of a lady of high society to become an expert in tankery.  Because the tank requires four individuals to operate it, the entire volume is about what it takes for these four girls to get along and build a friendship in which they become a tank squadron. The focus of this story is definitely friendship, and the tanks are just the mechanism which drives their individual struggles with making friends.  There is a very juvenile feel to this manga, and though I read it very quickly, I did not find it to be the most investing read.

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