Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi (Vols.1-3) *spoiler free*

Rating: 5/5


Categorization: Graphic Novel, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure

Length: Vol 1, 192 pages. Vol 2, 224 pages. Vol 3, 199 pages.


Plans to Continue the Series: I will read every Amulet comic that ever comes out

Disclaimer: I LOVE Amulet.

So its hard for me to find anything wrong with it.  I am also a pretty big reader of middle grade fiction.  What initially drew me to this graphic novel series was the art style and colors used.  The tone is whimsical and the colors are rich, Scholastic did not cheap out at all.  Each volume is large, so you get a lot of story along with your beautiful art, something which I feel traditional comics sometimes ignore. 

In Amulet, two young siblings, Emily & Navin, move to a new home with their mother after tragedy befalls their family.  The new home is big, old, and off the grid.  It originally belonged to their mother's great-grandfather.  One night the kids discover a secret portal in this house that leads to another world and they must travel through it to save their mother.  On the other side they find that someone is waiting for them, for Emily, because she is destined to--dun dun duhhh.  You'll have to read it and find out! 

This strange new world has evil elves, magic stones, and little robot people.  Those that were once humans have contracted some sort of disease that has turned them into--something else--and there are homes that can walk and climb like battle-bots.  The world in Amulet is fantastic, and I LOVE it.  It is one of those children's fantasy worlds which you as the reader wish you could visit.

Since the story is focused on Emily and her younger brother Navin, the size of the world and scope of the story gets larger with each volume as they learn more about their new surroundings and gain more understanding of exactly what is at stake. 

The dialogue is certainly not lacking.  Even though Amulet is marketed for middle grade readers, I found that it has better dialogue and plot progression than some adult comics I have suffered through.

Amulet was originally released as a 7 volume graphic novel series with the 7th volume due out this month (February, 2016), but there have been rumors that Kazu Kibuishi will continue it.  Personally, I hope he does.  There is nothing else like the Amulet series available.  It is filling a hole in kids comics, fantasy comics, and pushing the boundaries of what the graphic novel genre could be.  Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (also awesome) has done a similar thing in the YA category, but once you read them both it is clear to see that Amulet is way ahead of Nimona in the sense of scope.  You simply get more world-building bang for your buck with Amulet.