Wednesday, June 22, 2016

T5W: Favorite Posts Showcase

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T5W is a Goodreads group with over 5,000 members.  They create topical blog prompts for each Wednesday of the month.  I have just joined this month, and you can too!

June 22nd Topic Description:
This is a chance to showcase some of your favorite posts you've ever done!  These are your own posts, not shouting out someone else's.  These do not have to be T5W topics.  They can be anything from your favorite discussion post you did, to your favorite review, to your favorite photo you've posted on Instagram.  

My Top Five Favorite Bookstagram Posts


Number 5

This photo was taken on the first warm weekend we had here in New Jersey.  It was after 6pm and still nice out so we (Charlie, Chris, Anya [dog], and I) were making the most of it by staying out on the porch.  

I had just bought these Japanese volumes of Hibi Chouchou, because I read the English scanlations online and fell in love with it.  Volume 12 of this manga is full of short stories following the characters after the end of the story, and it was not easy to find in English.  

I loved being able to flip through the physical book to see what these characters, who I had grown so attached to, were up to.

Number 4

It seems to be a pretty popular thing on Bookstagram to take pictures of books and things--especially books and fake flowers.  Lots of accounts post really pretty pictures in this fashion.  However, yah girl has found out the hard way that she is not particularly skilled when it comes to staging still-life like photos of books.  

Everything you see in this photo is stuff that I have only my desk regularly--except the flowers.  I bought the fake sakura branch on a whim while at Michael's Craft Store with Charlie and Chris [no Anya, because dog]  (The guys needed frames for fan art). 

In the end, I realized that staging and theme'ing is not really my thing.  Instead, my Bookstagram account is rather chaotic, just like my reading tastes.

Number 3

I've always loved the way these Signature Edition Harry Potter paperbacks looked.  They're super photogenic all on their own.  And this photo is actually the second one in which the Sword of Gryffindor Harry Potter Funko Pop has made an appearance on my account.  

I like the soft lighting in this photo and the fact that my messy desk is still in the background.  It also happens to be a souvenir from my trip to France. 

Number 2

This was the first photo I ever posted of my new bookshelf.  I moved in November of 2015, and it took me until May of 2016 to finally get my shelves up.  I currently love the way everything is displayed, and since I read a lot of middle grade this year, I've put those books in a place of honor.

The Ever After High series has been an unexpectedly awesome read.  I absolutely love the incorporation of characters from Wonderland along side of other storybook characters.  It creates such interesting antics and character development.  

I have also enjoyed how much discussion any post having to do with Ever After High has generated on my Bookstagram!  The EAH fans are super friendly and always excited to talk about favorite characters.  It's a fangirl worthy kind of series, with a large cast, and plenty of feels, and I have loved talking to everyone!

Number 1

I love the cover of The Raven King.  

When I read on my lunch break at work I go sit in a little woodsy knoll and it feels like my own personal Cabeswater.  I definitely wanted to photograph this book out in nature, but none of the cool 'cabeswater-esq' pictures I took came out as aesthetically pleasing as this photo.  This one is just so pretty. 

I usually leave dust jackets at home.  They are much too fragile for the backpack that I travel with, so I was incredibly careful (paranoid) that day to make sure I got The Raven King back home safe.

But it was totally worth the risk to get this photo! 

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