Friday, July 8, 2016

The Single Issue Awards: June 2016 | Amanda

June 2016 Stats
Total Comics Read:10
New Series Started: 1
Series Continued:6
Series Abandoned:0

The Bronze Award Goes To: 
The Spire #8 (June 2016) 
By Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely

Proud Stands the Spire!

This month The Spire came to an end.  In this 8 issue limited series a post-apocalyptic city juts out from the middle of a barren desert.  The Spire is home to both human and many non-human beings living in a class structure based upon the levels of the city.  This comic tells the story of tension between the different species both inside and out of the Spire, as well as, the fragile agreements which keep the peace.

Beyond that, this series is actually a gritty, mystery, crime, police drama.  Someone is murdering individuals connected to the royal family at a very inopportune time.  The Pax is this year.  An event which must occur every 30 years in order to keep the peace.  This year peace seems to be less certain, and the reason may be tied to the murders.

I loved the cover art on this series, and the synopsis sounded interesting.  But once I began reading it my excitement to continue the series actually lessened.  The beginning was a tad confusing, and the art inside is actually very sketchy, and rather grotesque.  Despite the fact that this series ended up being out of my comfort zone I decided to continue reading.  It grew on me, and this last issue was fantastic.  What a surprising end!

The Silver Award Goes To:
Monstress #6 (May 2016) 
By Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

The 6th issue of Monstress ends the first arc of the story, and while I did get some closure, truthfully, this felt more like a beginning.

Maika is captured by some extremely ancient ones who mean to kill her, if possible.  They believe that the monster within her is much too dangerous to allow to her to live.  However, Maika's enemies, the enemies to all monsters, are also hunting her, and they might just end up on the ancient ones' doorstep.

This issue delved into Maika's past with her mother, and how she obtained the monster and the eye on her chest.  We learned where it comes from, and also what it certainly is not.  Because of this insight the issue was very satisfying story wise, but like I stated earlier it felt more like a beginning than an end.  The comic will pick up again in August 2016 with a new arc, and I cannot wait.

The art in this comic is fantastic with incredible use of deep colors and inky black details.  The story is very interesting, if you are the curious type.  Truthfully, I do not know if I am emotionally invested in the characters, or just incredibly curious about them and their world, but either way I want to read more!

The Gold Award Goes To:
Niobe | She is Life #3 (June 2016)
By Sebastian A. Jones, Amandla Stenberg, & Ashley A. Woods

Three issues into this series and I am hooked.

The art is beautiful and the color pallet is both bright and soft.  It gives this comic an extremely "current" or "modern" feel.  Each turn of the page is exciting because you never know when the next one will make you stop and stare.

Niobe is an outcast among this tribe of Elves, but she is not the only one.  The half-orc stands trial for murder, but really, he is facing an age old prejudice.  Niobe is called to act on his behalf, to seek justice and truth.  She has a high moral code, and is incredibly capable.  She can also sympathize with the half orc's position.

I was not expecting there to be a love triangle in this series, but hey, I got one.  While I did not initially feel like this story needed any romance, in hindsight I think it makes sense.  This is a coming of age story, and falling in love is part of that journey. 

In this issue we also got some backstory and some quality time with Niobe's mother.  The insights obtained here really helped the story to take shape. 

This series has quickly become my most anticipated comic for each month.  Perfect timing too, since Monstress will be on a short hiatus.  I hope to get much more story in the coming issues, as these first three have eluded to an incredibly rich world with plenty of history.

Until next month!

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