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T5W: Books I Want to See as TV Shows

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September 14th 2016 Topic:
Books You Want to See as TV Shows

Number 5

Written In Red by Anne Bishop

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This adult, urban fantasy, series is currently ongoing at five books.  Selfishly, I would love for it to become a TV series so that I would no longer feel the guilt of having not read it.

But besides that, I also happen to think it would make for some great television.  Supernatural creatures and plenty of drama with a slow burn romance mixed in?  It would be like the golden age of CW's Vampire Diaries, just without the high school.

I think it would be fantastic, and honestly, it's probably only a matter of time.

Number 4

The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski

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What makes this novel great is its slowness in expressing the subtle things that make up Kestrel's world.  And a brilliantly done miniseries would be able to capture the story perfectly.

A slow paced story would be great to express Kestrel's love of music and show the audience how that is in conflict with the values of her father, and the rest of her people.  It would also give enough time for the relationship between her and Arin to develop slowly, as it did in the book.  Attention could be paid to small details, like the two of them sharing meaningful glances, and conversations. I'm thinking of the Pride and Prejudice movie from 2005. 

In this format all of the various plots would have the time to build tension and create frustration within the viewer.

The ultimate end of the series could be very satisfying and emotional.

Number 3

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Mika Yamamori

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Give me an anime!  A drama!  Anything!  Just please bring this adorable story to life!

In this ongoing manga series 16 year old Fumi becomes a live in house keeper for a reclusive historical fiction writer after her father leaves to take a job on a fishing vessel to pay of his debts.

Fumi is used to relying on only herself, so going to work does not scare her.  Her mother is dead and her father is usually not around.  But she never expected that Akatsuki, the famous writer, would be so young.

Akatsuki is just as surprised to find out that his new live in employee is still in high school.  He almost turns her away until he learns that she has no where else to go.

This story is about a blossoming romance between two individuals who are used to being alone, and who until now, had never realized they were lonely.

They each have a lot to learn.  Fumi is not used to having someone whom she can rely on, and expect kindness from, while Akatasuki is not particularly adept at showing his emotions.

So far, each of them just being there has been enough.


Number 2

The Burning Sky By Sherry Thomas

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The entire time I was reading this Young Adult fantasy I kept thinking that it would make a great TV series.

In this story, Iolanthe, a 16 year old elemental mage, brings down a bolt of lighting in a desperate attempt to save a very important potion-- and ends up changing her life forever.

Immediately, agents of the empire of Atlantis begin hunting her for her impressive power.  Being largely unprepared for such an event, she would have easily been capture by them.

Luckily for Iolanthe, a slightly disenchanted prince of around her same age has been preparing for this day his entire life.

Prince Titus rescues her, and whisks her off to his all boy, non-magical, boarding school, where she will masquerade as male student Archer Fairfax, and plot to take down the ruler of Atlantis between classes and cricket practice .

Again, I picture this particular story delivered in the format of a television series rather than a movie.  Where the drama and the mystery surrounding the characters would have the time to unfold.


Number 1

Dengeki Daisy by Kyousuki Motomi

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Unlike my previous manga on the list, when it comes to Dengeki Daisy, I know that I desperately want an anime.

This manga series is so heartwarming, and sweet--and mysterious--and funny!  And I am certain it would make a wonderful anime

Teru is 16 years old and living on her own.  She had previously lived with her older brother, but he has since passed away from stomach cancer.

However, her brother did not leave her all alone.  He left her with a very special cell phone and the email address of a person she could rely on from that point on: DAISY.

This story opens up with Teru having to work for the school janitor Kurosaki after breaking a window.  Teru handles the hardship knowing she can always talk about her struggles with her mysterious pen-pal Daisy.

There are many mysteries to solve in this manga series.  The true identity of Daisy.  Whether or not he is a vicious computer Hacker.  And also, what truly caused the death of Teru's older brother.

There is a decently large cast of mistfit characters who constantly create drama and comedy...dramady.  And there's even a heist.

This complete, 16 volume, series chronicles the life of Teru as she finds people to call her family, and friends she never knew she had.  Becomes the target of strange organizations from an underground world of hackers.  And falls in love.

And it REALLY needs an anime.

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