Wednesday, September 21, 2016

T5W: Characters I Wouldn't Want to Trade Places With

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September 21st 2016 Topic:
We always talk about how cool it would be to be a character in our favorite books, but who would you not want to trade places with?

Number 5

From Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw

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In this adventure fantasy world Aedan is a young boy with wisdom beyond his years.  He is cunning and proactive.  Unfortunately, he has no one he can rely on.  Aedan begins his journey in a small country village, with an abusive father, and an oppressive leader, and his problems only grow from there.

Through no fault of his own he suffers one misfortune after another.

I had to stop reading this book.  I got about half way, but because the pacing was so rough, I had to put it down.  There were very few high points for Aedan, and many lows.  The story began bringing down my own mood.

I would like to finish this book at a later date, when I am feeling more prepared for a story about so much hardship.

But for the time being, I know for sure that I would never want to find myself in Aedan's place.

Number 4

From Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggari

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In this very bleak, apocalyptic world, Lucy is surviving on her own in what remains of Central Park, NYC.

The weather is still dangerous, and illness is still a very real threat, so Lucy is determined to keep to herself.  That is until a boy named Aidan convinces her she cannot make it on her own anymore.

Aidan takes Lucy to his camp of survivors.  Unfortunately, Lucy cannot make a new life with these people because the Sweepers, an organization of scientists, are after her because she might hold in her DNA the key to a cure.

There are very few Dystopian stories I would be willing to jump into, and the desperateness of Lucy's situation in this story feels very real.  It is not one which I would wish on anyone, least of all myself.

Number 3

From William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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I have no desire to trade places with any of literature's tragic figures, especially not Hamlet.

Driven to madness when caught between feelings of grief, betrayal, and the desire for revenge, Hamlet drives away his sanity and the people who care for him.  Ultimately, he loses everything.

So if I were ever asked the question: To be or not to be--Hamlet? 

I would most definitely answer, NOT TO BE.

Number 2

From Monstress by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda

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Maika is an awesome female protagonist in a fantastic comic series, but wow, she goes through ALOT.

She is seeking revenge, trying to discover what happened during a strange attack years ago, and desperately trying to not be caught by her enemies.

She has lost her mother, and one of her arms.  And she has acquired some sort of demonic entity which now dwells within her.  It is even stakes between all the things that could kill her now.

This harsh fantasy world would be hard enough to have to survive in, even without being in Maika's place.  And I do not envy her for it.

Number 1

Lestibournes "Spook"
From The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson

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Most of the characters in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series get put through the ringer, but Spook, in particular, seems to get dragged through the mud.

Born the son of parents who did not want him, Lestibournes starts out as the young boy with incomprehensible speech and a weak allomantic ability. But he gets involved with the rebellion as the result of his circumstance.

I would love to tell you every unfortunate thing that happens to him next, to really drive home why he is featured at number one on my list--but yikes, how that would spoil a lot of plot!

The admirable quality about Spook is that essentially everything which he endures during the later books in the series is the result of his own choices.

He wants to become a great freedom fighter, like his mentor Kelsier.  And he sacrifices much to see that mission through.  He is a great character, and he undergoes great change, but I certainly would never want to be put in his position.

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