Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Single Issue Awards: August 2016 | Amanda

August 2016 Stats
Total Comics Read: 8
New Series Started: 0
Series Continued: 6
Series Abandoned:1

Note: I do not have a Single Issue Awards post for July 2016, because I traveled during that month and did not read any comics.

The Bronze Award Goes To: 
Over the Garden Wall 2 #3 (June 2016) 
By Levari, Campbell, McGee, & Burgos

Over the Garden Wall is always spooky cute, but this issue was especially so.

The simple story line and and witty, effortless, comedy that pops up in the dialogue always manages to make me laugh.

In this issue Anna, who has been living in isolation out in the woods, finally gets a visitor.  But it is not the person she has been expecting.

This issue answered a few questions, and offered enough backstory to flesh out the history of Anna's parents.  But, by the end of it, I had a whole bunch of new questions, and a reignited anticipation for the next issue! 

Anyone who likes cartoons, Autumn, and spoopy things will instantly love Over the Garden Wall. 

The Silver Award Goes To:
The Storyteller: Dragons #4 (March 2016) 
By Jorge Corona and Jen Hickman

Like all issues in the Storyteller series, this was a stand alone.

A young Heroine named Tokoyo sets out alone on a journey through an extremely dangerous ring of islands.  She carries hatred in her heart for her home land and only one wish: to find her exiled father.

Along the way she slays beasts which have plagued the villagers here and earns the title of a heroic warrior.

One day she see's two individuals atop a cliff and races up there to stop whatever madness she fears might occur next.  But young Tokoyo does not always see the full picture.

This issue was so enjoyable because I really felt like I got a complete story. The plot managed to take some quick twists and turns, as well as, offer the chance for our main character to undergo some development.  Seeing this executed so well in just the few pages of one issue was impressive.

The Gold Award Goes To:
Another Castle #4 (August 2016)
By Paulina Ganucheau & Andrew Wheeler

Another Castle is FANTASTIC.

I know that I'm already on issue #4 of this series, and yet this is the first time it has made it on the award list, but that is more the result of when I read the previous issues rather than the merit of those wonderful issues.

Or, a simpler way of putting it: This series is wonderful & if you've not yet checked it out, go do so immediately.

There's an evil tyrant in the process of overtaking a neighboring Kingdom.  A princess trying to save herself and her people.  A whole bunch of monsters and magical folk.  And a couple of warrior princes who are not quite sure what they should be doing.

What drew me to this comic series was the art.  Paulina Ganucheau draws interesting, expressive, and very distinct characters.  Her scenery and landscapes bring this entire world to life.  And her color choices add depth and tone. 

Another castle tells a story you might think you've heard before, but the characters make it feel like something totally new.  It's got a silliness similar to ABC's Galavant and Shrek, but with a more mature, modern, tone, and a style all its own.

Until next month!

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