Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Single Issue Awards: November 2016 | Amanda


November 2016 Stats
Total Comics Read:16
New Series Started: 0
Series Continued:8
Series Abandoned:1

The Bronze Award Goes To: 
Night's Dominion #2 (October 2016) 
By Ted Nifeh

Night's Dominion is a new comic being published by Oni Press and Ted Nifeh who you might know from his previous Courtney Crumrin series.

The first issue sets up the tale in a fantasy world Tavern with the meeting of a Thief, an Assassin, a Street Magician, a Cleric, and  a Bard.  The Bard claims he has a plan to steal treasure from a wealthy keep in their city.

Our characters do not jump right on board.  The Bard seems like he's a great storyteller, and probably, a master manipulator.  But as the result of circumstance everyone gets on board by the end of the issue.

While I was intrigued by the first issue, and excited for a Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy comic series, I was not certain I wanted to get my hopes up.  It was too soon to be making any judgement calls.  The characters had only just met and we had only seen a fraction of the world and the opposition.

After finishing this second issue I find myself fully invested and ready for the next.  Issue two throws our newly formed team right into a heist.  I loved the character dynamics.  And the new plot element which shows up in the end has me all in for the rest of the series.

Hopefully more people who love fantasy comics will pick this title up.

The Silver Award Goes To:
Another Castle #5 (October 2016) 
By Andrew Wheeler & Paulina Ganucheau

The fifth issue of Another Castle completed the miniseries.

Throughout this series, Misty, Princess of Beldora, is trapped in the Kingdom of Grimoire where the evil Lord Badlug hunts her to become his Bride.

Along the way she has made many friends among the enslaved masses and learned the stories of their struggle for freedom which failed many years ago.

Good thing Misty is not the type of princess to sit idly by and wait for Prince Pete to save her, because things are not looking too great for him.  She has the courage to stand up to Badlug and the desire to avenge her mother and these new found friends.

But she needs a plan.

The conclusion to Another Castle was fantastic.  I felt connected to all the various characters and invested in the fate of their world.  Misty makes some wonderfully courageous and groundbreaking decisions all the way until the end to make changes to her world.

And the whole story comes wrapped up in a vibrant pink bow.

The Gold Award Goes To:
Monstress #7 (October 2016)
By Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda 

Monstress is back!

Issue #6 of Monstress had wrapped up the previous story arc and signaled the release of a trade paperback, so I wondered how strong of an issue #7 would have to be to convince readers to come back into the world.

Of course, issue #7 was fantastic.  We find ourselves in a new part of the world with seafaring ships and talks of lost islands so far away that entire crews would starve trying to reach them.

We saw the childhood home of Maika half wolf, and it is definitely not what I was expecting.

The people here in the dock town seem to live a different lifestyle than ones we have met before.  They seem to have manged to thrive through the war and its aftermath, giving them a very different worldview from Maika. Sana Takeda makes the difference in place apparent in her use of colors.

This series features many beings who are part animal, or humanoid animal, and I really have to wonder if I would have been interested in this story if Takeda and her extremely detailed, sophisticated, art was not on the project.  Done differently, I think it could have run the risk of looking like adult Kung Fu Panda, and I am sure I would have passed right by that on the shelf.

Until next month!

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