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T5W: Books I Want to Finally Read in 2017

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November 16th 2016 Topic:

These are the books you meant to read in 2016 (or 2015, or 2014) and never got around to.  Those books that have been sitting on your TBR for a while, and you really want to get to.  These aren't upcoming 2017 releases; but are older books that need your love too!

Number 5

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor


Year Published: 2011
Year Purchased: 2015 

I have heard wonderful reviews and recommendations to read Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but I have not been in the mood for this type of story in a very long time.  I own all three books in the series as the result of a Barns and Noble sale this time last year.

A naturally blue haired female protagonist with a talent for art and languages is about to get caught up in a war between angels and daemons.  She has a secret lying deep in her past and a love interest in her near future.  

I am interested in this series because I have heard people say they felt exhausted and emotionally drained after reading it.  And if I were to write about a fictional war, I would want it to have that affect on my readers. 

Knowing that I've owned the series for a year without even attempting to start reading feels wrong and I plan to remedy this in early 2017.

Number 4

Wildwood Chronicles by Colin Meloy


Year Published: 2011
Year Purchased: 2016

The Wildwood Chronicles is said to be an epic fantasy middle grade series set in Portland, and full of talking animals.  It's another trilogy which I own all the books and feel incredibly guilty about having not read them.  Admittedly, it was the beautiful covers which drew me to this series.

Reviews of this story are mixed.  For example some readers have mentioned that the language used in the series seemed too advanced, and did not fit their idea of storytelling in middle grade novels.  Others thought it was too long.  And some people were even put off by the "hipster vibes"...but its Portland, isn't it?  I am interested to discover my own opinions on this book.  I do not anticipate disliking it, but you never know. 

Number 3

Written in Red by Anne Bishop 

Year Published: 2013
Year Purchased: 2015

The main character in this urban fantasy series' name is Meg and she is a blood prophet who can see the future when her skin is cut.  At the start of the novel she escapes the facility which has held her her whole life and ends up in a business district run by "The Others", who are all manner of magical or supernatural folk.  The organization is now hunting her.

I was able to get a copy of this novel at New York Comicon 2015 for free.  I started reading it on the plane ride back from my trip to France in April 2016.  And my friend Amara has only told me awesome things about it.  Yet, it is many months later and I've still not picked it back up.

Lately, with winter coming for us here in northern New Jersey, I have been thinking about reading it.  It feels like a winter read to me.  And now, I think the solution is to grab the audiobook from Audible with my next avaible credit. 

Number 2 

Theodosia Throckmorton Series by R.L. LaFevers

Year Published: 2007
Year Purchased: 2015

I have the first two books in this middle grade series about the daughter of a museum curator who can see the black magic which lingers around certain artifacts.  She is adept at ancient Egyptian magic and uses her skill to remove curses which would threaten her family. 

However, her mother has just returned from her latest archaeological dig with a prized amulet, The Heart of Egypt.  And with it comes a curse like Theo has never seen before.

These books are quite short.  They revolve around artifacts and archaeology.  And I really have no excuse for not having finished them yet.  (The pictured book is book 2 in the series.)

Number 1

The Realms Thereunder by Ross Lawhead


Year Published: 2011
Year Purchased: 2015

Freya is a university student with an obsession for myth and folklore, while Daniel is living on the streets of Oxford.  They have not seen each other in years, but are about to be reunited.  The mythical world they once visited together is now bleeding over into reality.  And with the help of a creature hunter, they are going to figure out what has gone wrong.

This is another series which gets very mixed reviews.  And in this case, it has directly resulted in my putting off this read.  The reason is because the synopsis of this series sounds perfect to me.  It seems like it is a perfect mixture of all the things I want to read about--and I don't want to be disappointed.

But, of course, not reading the series solves nothing.  And I am missing out on possibly discovering a new favorite book.

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